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2022 - 2023 College Catalog 
2022 - 2023 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Faculty – Full-Time

Julie Austin (2000) R.T. (R) (M) Professor, Program Coordinator Radiography. M.A., B.S., Albertus Magnus College; A.S., Gateway Community Technical College

Catherine Babbitt (2015) Professor of English, Coordinator, General Studies, M.S., Southern CT State University; B.S., Charter Oak State College; A.S., Gateway Community College

Allan Ballinger (2018) Instructor, History & Political Science. D.M.A. University of Connecticut, M.A. Central Connecticut State University, B.A. University of the State of New York (Excelsior College)

Stephanie Bauer (2022) Assistant Professor of Nursing. M.S., B.S. Sacred Heart University, A.S. Gateway Community College

Claudia Bedoya-Rose (2000) Professor English as a Second Language and Spanish. Ed.M., Harvard Graduate School of Education; B.S., Albertus Magnus College; A.S., Albertus Magnus College

Alex Boateng (2004) Associate Professor and Academic Coordinator, English. M.A. Yale University; B.A. University of Ghana

Peter Bonadies (2022) Instructor, Studio Art. M.F.A. Massachusetts College of Art, B.F.A. University of Connecticut

Jonathan Braverman (2022) Instructor, Computer Science. M.S. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, B.S. Central Connecticut State University

Michelle Breaker (2010) Professor and Department Chair, First Year Studies.  M.S., B.S., Purdue University

Ronna Brier (2022) Assistant Professor, Program Coordinator, Drug and Alcohol Recovery Counselor. M.A. The New School for Social Research, M.A. Central CT State University, B.A. Central CT State University

James Brunt (2010) Professor English. M.A., B.A., Southern Connecticut State University

Veronica Cardinale (2010) Associate Professor Radiation Therapy Technology, Clinical Coordinator. B.S. Albertus Magnus College; A.S. South Central Community College

Cara Case (2013) Associate Professor DMS, Program Coordinator. M.Ed. Post University, B.S. University of Hartford; A.S., Middlesex Community College; RDMS, RDCS

Christine Cherry (2020) Assistant Professor, Program Coordinatorm Computer Engineering Technology M.S., Environmental Studies, B.S. Earth and Space Science, Southern Connecticut State University

Jonah Cohen (2004) Professor Sociology, Department Chair Social Science. M.S., Central Connecticut State University; B.A., Trinity College

Teresa Cull (2018) Associate Professor of Mathematics. M.S., B.S., Central Connecticut State University

Tara Daly (2017) Assistant Professor, Nursing. MSN Sacred Heart University

Susan DeBarge (2008) Associate Professor Nursing. M.S. Nursing-Midwifery, Yale University; B.S., Nursing, UMASS, Boston

Todd Degree (2007) Professor Business. MBA Georgia State University; B.S., Sports, UMASS Amherst

Megan DeLivron (2010) Professor Chemistry, Department Chair, Math and Science. Ph.D., Biochemistry, University of Connecticut; B.S., Biochemistry, University of New England

Lauren Doninger (2001), Professor of Psychology, Ed.D. Johnson & Wales University; M.A., Central Connecticut State University; B.S. College; LADC, LPC

Andrea Eckels (2020) Assistant Professor Nursing. M.S. Nursing Education, Benedictine University, BSN Southern Connecticut State University

Thomas M. Fahy (2004) Professor Psychology. Psy.D. University of Hartford; M.A., B.A. Tufts University

Gina Finn (1999) Professor Radiation Therapy, Program Coordinator, M.A. Albertus Magnus College; B.S. Central Michigan University; A.S., Gateway Community College; R.T. (T)

Laura Firmani (2018) Instructor Biology. Ph.D. Biomedical Science, University of Connecticut, B.S. Biology, University of St. Joseph

Eric Flynn (2010) Instructor Electrical Engineering Technology, Acting Department Chair. Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, University of Connecticut; M.S., B.S., University of Connecticut; A.S., Gateway Community College

Daniel Fuller (2011) Professor and Department Chair, Automotive. B.S. Excelsior College; A.A.S., Greater New Haven State Technical College

Howard Fuller (2020) Instructor, Automotive. Certificate Vocational Technical Institute; Central Connecticut State University

Riold Furtuna (2021) Instructor, Microbiology. M.B.A. ESMT European School of Management and Technology; M.S. Michigan State University; B.S. University of Florence, Italy

Renee A. Gaines (2008) Associate Professor English. Ed.M. SUNY Buffalo; B.A. Brooklyn College

Beata Gebuza (2008) Professor Mathematics. M.S. Southern CT State University; B.S. Quinnipiac University; A.S. Gateway Community College

Christopher Gentile (2020) Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator, Culinary Arts. MBA University of New Haven

Cherelle Giammarino (2022) Assistant Professor and Clinical Coordinator, Diagnostic Imaging Technology. B.S., Charter Oak State College; A.S./DMS Certificate St. Vincent’s College

Claudia Haekel (2004) Professor Nursing. M.S. University of Connecticut; B.S. Southern Connecticut State University

Jacob Jackson (2020) Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator, Mechanical Engineering Technology. M.S. Fairfield University, B.S. Pennsylvania State University, Licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.) State of CT, WA, and NH

Karin Jacubowski (2022) Instructor of Biology. Ph.D. Antioch University, M.M.A. University of Rhode Island, M.A. New York University, B.S. Rutgers University, Cook College

Ann Marie Jones (2017) Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator Nuclear Medicine Technology, HCM M.S., B.A. Albertus Magnus College, A.A. Gateway Community College, CNMT, R.T.

Elizabeth H. Keefe (2012) Professor of English, Academic Coordinator, First Year Studies. M.S. Southern CT State University, M.A. Fairfield University, ESL Certificate Souther CT State University, B.A. College of the Holy Cross

Sandra M. Kraus (2018) Instructor and Interim Program Coordinator, Business Office Technology, B.A. Fairfield University, MBA University of New Haven

Leonardo Kurachi Ube (2018) Instructor Anatomy & Physiology. M.D. University of Buenos Aires School of Medicine (Argentina), B.S. Health Studies, Charter Oak State College

Lorraine Li (2004) Professor, Economics. M.S. Columbia University; B.A. Columbia University

Elaine Lickteig (2010) Professor and Program Coordinator, Nutrition and Dietetics, Clinical Coordinator, M.S., University of Connecticut; B.A. Michigan State University; M.S., R.D.N.

Michael Loteczka (1984) Professor Chemistry/Math/Physics. M.S., B.S., University of Connecticut

Rose Bednarz Luglio (1992) Professor Business and Program Coordinator Entrepreneurial Studies, Retail Management/Fashion Merchandising. M.B.A., C.A.G.S., University of Bridgeport; M.A., B.S., University of Connecticut

Mark D. Lynch (1998) Professor Chemistry. Ph.D., Iowa State University; M.S., Southeastern Massachusetts University; B.S., Boston College

Allyn Manning (2020) Instructor, Automotive Technology. A.S. Naugatuck Valley Community College

Caitlyn Moonesar (2020) Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator, Exercise Science and Wellness. M.S. City University NY Brooklyn College; B.S., B.B.A. University of Massachusetts

Eric W. Maroney (2018) Associate Professor of English. M.F.A. Sarah Lawrence College, B.A. Southern Connecticut State University

Mary Mattheis (2022) Instructor of Biology. M.S. Biology, Southern Connecticut State University

Joseph Maynard (2000) Associate Professor History. M.A., Trinity College; B.A., Southern Connecticut State University; A.S., South Central Community College

Robert McDonald (2022) Instructor Mathematics. Ph.D., University of Connecticut, B.S. Eastern Connecticut State University, A.S. Quinebaug Valley Community College

Scott McFarland (2008) Professor and Program Coordinator Automotive Technology. B.A., University of Massachusetts

Jessica Shoneck McLawhon (2016) Instructor Early Childhood Education. M.A., East Carolina University; B.S., East Carolina University

Eric Meyers (2007) Professor of Biology; D.C., University of Bridgeport; B.A., University of Steubenville

Victoria Morse (2004) Professor Foreign Languages. M.A., Middlebury Graduate School of French; B.A., Vassar College

Kathleen H. Murphy (1996) Professor Business. M.S., B.S., University of New Haven; A.S., South Central Community College; A.R.R.T. (N), C.N.M.T.

Erik Murrell (2018) Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator, Human Services. M.S.W. Fordham University, B.S.W. Southern Connecticut State University, A.S. Gateway Community College

Sigrid Nystrom (2022) Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator, English as a Second Language. M.A. Georgia State University, TESL, M.A. Duquesne University.

Lauren O’Leary (2016) Assistant Professor, English and ESL. M.F.A., University of Nebraska; M.A., Wesleyan University; B.A., Quinnipiac University; TESOL Certification, University of California, San Diego

Sam Osei (2017) Associate Professor, Nursing. M.S. University of Hartford

Lynette Palm (2012) Assistant Professor Nursing. M.S.N., B.S.N., Rand Afrikaans University

Kititakone Panasy (2020) Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator, Manufacturing Engineering Technology. M.S. Fairfield University, Albertus Magnus College, B.S. Central Connecticut State University, A.S. Gateway Community College, Quinebaug Valley CC, Three Rivers CC, Daniel Webster College

Angel Pickett (2020). Interim Assistant Professor, Program Coordinator, Surgical Technology. B.A. Sacred Heart University

Kelly Provenzano (2022) Instructor Biology. M.S. Quinnipiac University, B.S. Central Connecticut University.

Myra Randall (2008) Assistant Professor Nursing. M.S.N., University of Hartford; B.S.N., Southern Connecticut State University

Andrew V. Randi (1997) Professor Culinary Arts. M.S., B.S., University of New Haven; A.S., Johnson & Wales College

Keira Robilotto (2019) Instructor, Developmental English. M.S.Ed., B.A. CUNY Queens College

Rose-Mary Rodrigues (2019) Assistant Professor of English.  M.A., B.A. Fairfield University

Lynn Roller (2008) Coordinator, Distance Learning.  M.Ed. West Texas A&M University; B.S., Charter Oak State College; St. Vincent’s Medical Center; Certificate, Ultrasonography, Radiologic Technology

Jill T. Ruggiero (2022) Assistant Professor, Program Coordinator, Criminal Justice. M.A. Criminal Justice John Jay College of Criminal Justice, B.S. University of New Haven

Metaxia (Mia) L. Samsel (2022) Instructor Physics. M.S., B.S., Civil Engineering, University of New Haven

Shannon Sanford (2020) Assistant Professor Nursing. Post Masters Certificate, SCSU, M.S. Yale School of Nursing, B.S. SCSU

John H. Scott, III, Esq., (1998) Professor Business. J.D., Hofstra University School of Law; M.Div., Harvard University School of Divinity; B.A., SUNY at Stony Brook; A.A., Suffolk County Community College

Colena Sesanker (2017) Assistant Professor, Philosophy. Ph.D. University of Connecticut

Basheer Shabazz-Williams (2019) Instructor Computer Science, M.S. Polytechnic University, B.S. A.S., CUNY at Medgar Evers College

Matthew P. Gardner-Spencer (2021) Instructor, Microbiology.  M.S., Brown University; B.A. Williams College

Susan Spencer (2010) Professor Mathematics, Program Coordinator. M.S., B.S., Southern Connecticut State University

Amanda Sweeney (2012) Professor of Mathematics. M.S., B.S., University of Connecticut

Bienvenido R. Tabuzo, Jr. (2019) Assistant Professor Nursing. MSN St. Joseph’s College of Maine; BSN Our Lady of Fatima University

Richard Thayer (2016) Assistant Professor Radiology. M.Ed., Southern CT ST University; B.A., Albertus Magnus; A.S., Gateway Community College

Carmelita Valencia-Daye (2004) Professor Early Childhood Education, Program Coordinator. M.Ed. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; B.S. University of Philippines

Sheri Valentin (2010) Professor and Department Chair, Business. M.S., University of New Haven; B.S., Sacred Heart University

Tammy Vaz (2021) Assistant Professor, Program Coordinator, Art. M.F.A. Massachusetts College of Art & Design; B.A. Salve Regina University

Giuseppe Vertucci (2019) Assistant Professor, Program Coordinator, Honda PACT Program.  A.S. Gateway Community College

Kristina Veselak (2018) Instructor Sociology and Criminal Justice. Ph.D. Stony Brook University; M.S. Brooklyn College, M.Sc. Oxford University, B.A. Sacred Heart University

Jaye Viola (2007) Professor Radiography. B.A., Albertus Magnus College; A.S., Gateway Community College; R.T. (R)

Kathleen Wagner (2020) Assistant Professor Nursing, MSN, BSN Sacred Heart University; ASN Capital Community College

Donald Walker (2012) Professor and Coordinator of Distance Learning, Program Coordinator. M.B.A., Southern Connecticut State University; B.S., New York University

Stacy Walker (2012) Associate Professor and Program Coordinator, Computer Science. M.S., Colorado Technical University; M.S., B.S, Quinnipiac University; A.S., Gateway Community College

Anne Williams (2007) Professor Economics. PHD, Business Administration, Walden University; M.B.A. Temple University; B.A., University of Connecticut C.P.C.U., C.E.B.S.

Wesley Winterbottom, (1994) P.E. Professor of Science and Program Coordinator Public Utility Management. M.B.A., University of Connecticut; M.S., Cornell University; B.S., Lehigh University

Faculty – Part-Time

Lawrence Baldino, M.S., M.B.A., Southern Connecticut State University and University of New Haven

Patricia Bissell, M.Music 6th yr, Yale School of Music

Lisa Breuninger-Tenny, Ph.D., Drexel University, PA, Graduate Medical Science

Diane Calello, M.S., Quinnipiac University

Vincent Carrano, M.S., 6th yr; Southern Connecticut State University

Toni D. Cates, M.A., Wesleyan University, Fairfield University

Patricia Colandrea, M.B.A., Housatonic Community College, Fairfield University, University of New Haven

Victor Collazo, M.D., University of Puerto Rico

Daniel Corr, M.M., Cornish College, Yale University

Daniel J. Courcey, Jr. A.B., Providence College; M.A., Southern Connecticut State University; C.A.G.S., Fairfield University

Amy Davison, M.A., Central Connecticut State University, University of Connecticut

Michelle DellaCamera, M.S., Certificate, Albertus Magnus College, Southern Connecticut State University

Corinne Fisher, M.B.A., C.P.C.

Vincent Ginnetti, M.S., Southern Connecticut State University

Twanda Grey, M.S.W.; Southern Connecticut State University

Catherine Hall, M.A., Southern Connecticut State University, University of New Haven

Lawrence D. Hally, M.S., Southern Connecticut State University

Robert Hubbard, M.B.A.; University of Connecticut

Stanley Kapinos, M.A., Fairfield University, Southern Connecticut State University

Susan Landino, B.S., M.S., Southern Connecticut State University

Elizabeth McCormack, B.A., M.A., Southern Connecticut State University, University of Connecticut

Robert Mitchell, M.A.L.S.; Wesleyan University

Robert Novotny, B.A., M.A., Sacred Heart University, Western Connecticut State University

Barbara Puglisi, M.A.; Southern Connecticut State University

Thomas Ragozzino, B.S.,M.A., Fairfield University, Trinity College

Susan Reinhart, B.A., M.F.A., Vassar College, Tyler School of Art

Virginia Robey, B.A., University of Hawaii, M.S., Southern Connecticut State University

Joan Ryan, M.A., Southern Connecticut State University

Anthony Solli, B.S., M.S., University of Notre Dame, Quinnipiac College, Southern Connecticut State University, Fairfield University, Yale University

Todd Solli, M.S., Quinnipiac University

Joseph A. Spadaro, B.S., M.S., Trinity College, University of New Haven

Jean Tencza, B.A., M.S., Southern Connecticut State University, University of New Haven

Susan Traudt, B.S., M.S., University of New Haven, Quinnipiac University

Paul Turtola, M.S., with certification; Southern Connecticut State University

Susan Weldon, B.S., MRP, University of Massachusetts, University of Vermont

Narinder Whitehead, B.S., MPH, Southern Connecticut State University, Nairobi University

Brendan Williams, B.A., University of Connecticut, MBA Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Pamela Worthy, M.A.L.S. Wesleyan University; B.A. Williams College


President’s Office

Nicholas D’Agostino (2020) Manager of Affirmative Action, Diversity and Inclusion. M.S. Central Connecticuut State University; B.A. Quinnipiac University
Tanya Gibbs (2018) Administrative Assisant. B.A. Howard University
Human Resources
Vacant - Director
Christie Higney (1997) Human Resources Associate. B.S., Quinnipiac College
Patricia Boyne (2010) Fiscal Administrative Officer. A.S., Gateway Community College
Elizabeth Federico (2020) Human Resources Assistant

Development and Community Partnerships

Vacant (2008) Dean
Genavave DeSisto (2020)  Assistant to the Dean of Development and Community Partnerships, B.S. Albertus Magnus, A.S. Gateway Community College
Andrea Macnow (2019) Grant Development Specialist. M.P.A. Indiana University, B.A. Keene State College

Marketing and Public Relations

Vacant (2001) Associate Dean
Christina Scillia-Rivera (2004) Secretary II. A.S., Gateway Community College
Amie Fanning (2012) Public Relations Associate. B.A., Southern Connecticut State University

Campus Operations

Sharon Aceto - Associate Dean
Batreece Jett (2020) Administrative Assistant, A.S. Valencia College

❖ Business Office

Lutishia Pershad (2020) Associate Director of Finance and Administrative Services. MBA Central Connecticut State University; B.S. University of Hartford
Kim Diaz (2009) Accountant. B.S., Albertus Magnus
Katherine Jackson (2015) Accountant
• Bursar
Jaimie Cornell (2012) Bursar. B.A. Southern Connecticut State University
Carrol Lewis (2005) Assistant Accountant. M.B.A., Sacred Heart University; B.S., Sacred Heart University, A.S., Norwalk Community College
Yomaira Melendez (2011) Bursar Services Assistant, Business Office. A.S., Gateway Community College
Analia Pilco Corona (2011) Business Office. A.S., Gateway Community College
• Purchasing
Kelly Anne Levinson (1998) Fiscal Administrative Officer. MBA University of New Haven; B.S. University of New Haven; A.S., Gateway Community College

❖ Facilities and Events Management

Sandra Garde (1999) Secretary II
Brian Higney (2007) Facilities Coordinator. A.S., Gateway Community College
Cary Broderick (2012) Police Sergeant
Michael Martone (1998) Office Assistant
• Maintenance
Aaron Brantley (2019) Custodian
Raynaldo Bermudez (2019) Custodian
Rodney Carr (2014) Custodian
Ricardo Castro (2018) Custodian
Richard Catenza (2010) General Trades Worker. Diploma New England Technical Institute
Edward Chavis (2007) Custodian
Charles Cole (2007) Lead Custodian.
Christine Crawford (2012) Custodian
Leroy Deberry (2012) Supervising Custodian.
Denay Emery (2012) Custodian
Brian Ferraro (2012) Qualified Craft Worker-HVAC-R
Clara Ferraro (2007) Custodian. American Business School Columbia
John Fulton (2014) Custodian
Mohammed Hudu (2014) Custodian. Certificate, O’Reilley Senior Secondary School, Ghana
Pedro Lopez (2018) Custodian
Maribel Lugo (2001) Custodian
Vincent Martir (2019) Custodian
Durrell McNeal (2019) Custodiabn
Joel Medina (2012) Custodian
Michael Nocera, Jr. (2018) Custodian
Lucas Ortiz (2007) Lead Custodian
Mark Perez (2012) Custodian
Joseph Prince (1984) Building Superintendent II
Luis Soler (2007) Custodian
❖ Information Technology
Lawrence Salay (2005) Director. M.B.A., University of Phoenix; B.S. Mercy College
Dean Ferro (2006) Technician II. B.S., Central Connecticut State University
Urfi Agolli (2015) Information Technology Tech II. A.S., Gateway Community College
Jeff Becker (2015) Information Technology Tech II. B.A., Quinnipiac University
George Sacal (2015) Information Technology Tech II. B.S., University of Bucharest, Romania
Gladis Reyes (2015) Help Desk Coordinator /Information Technology Tech 1. B.A., Southern Connecticut State University; A.S., Gateway Community College
❖ Institutional Research
Vincent Tong (2000) Director of Institutional Research. Ph.D., Yale University; M.A., University of Michigan; B.A., New York University
Jamicia Lackey (2020) Research Specialist. M.A. Yale University, B.A. Duke University♦ Academic Affairs Division

❖ Academic Affairs

Vacant - Dean
Vacant - Assistant to the Dean of Academics
Shelly Frosolone (2004) Administrative Assistant, Dean of Academic Affairs, A.S., Gateway Community College
Susan Gilman (2018) Office Assisrant. B.S. Southern Connecticut State University
Jackelyn Reyes (2020) Office Assistant. A.S. Gateway Community College
Briana Lewis (2020) Office Assistant. B.A. University of Connecticut
Celia Carvalho* (2013) Interim Coordinator of Dual Enrollment & CCP Partnerships. M.A. University of St. Joseph, B.A. Languages Universidade Sao Francisco
Donnell Hilton* (2016) Middle College Coordinator, M.S. Southern Connecticut State University
Robin DeJesus* (2019) Gateway to College Student Resource Specialist, B.S. Sacred Heart University

❖ Academic

• Allied Health and Nursing

Vacant -  Director Allied Health/Nursing
Vacant -  Enrollment Services Assistant
Alice M. Pandolfi (1999) Administrative Coordinator. M.P.H., Southern Connecticut State University; B.A., The Catholic University of America
William Stewart (2019) Culinary Associate. B.S. Syracuse University, A.S. Gateway Community College

• Automotive Technology

Edward Barlage (2016) Automotive Program Facilitator. B.A., Michigan State University

• Math/Science

Belinda Petrovic (2012) Academic Associate. B.S., Central Connecticut State University; A.A., Gateway Community College

• Early Learning Center

Sarah Chambers (2016) Director of Child Development Center. M.S., Eastern Connecticut State University; Masters level CT Directors Credential, Charter Oak State College, B.A., Plymouth State College
Mary Palermo (1998) Secretary II. B.G.S., University of Connecticut; A.S., Gateway Community College
Linda Alston (1998) Child Development Teacher. B.A., Connecticut College
Stella Okparanta (1990) Child Development Teacher. M.S., University of New Haven; B.A., Albertus Magnus; A.S., South Central Community College
Annmarie Rosario (2001) Child Development Assistant Teacher. B.S. University of Bridgeport, A.S., Gateway Community College
Leasa Torelli (2010) Child Development Assistant Teacher, Modified Montessori Classroom, A.S., South Central Community College, Certification Assistant Montessori
Gwendadine Felder* (2018) Child Development Assistant Teacher, A.S. Gateway Community College
Jennifer Leake * (2019) Child Development Assistant Teacher, A.S. Gateway Community College
Stacey Empric ** (2019) Child Development Assistant Teacher, A.S. Housatonic Community College

• Instructional Design and Development

Director - Vacant

• Library & Learning Commons

Vacant - Director
Michael J. Cifferelli (2003) Librarian. M.L.S., Southern Connecticut State University; B.A.; Trinity College; A.A., Gateway Community College
Lillian Maisfelht (2004) Librarian. M.L.S. Southern Connecticut State University, B.A., University of Massachusetts
Todd Hampton (2013) Librarian. M.L.S., Southern CT State University; B.S., Eastern Connecticut State University
Miguel A. Garcia III (2018) Librarian. Ed.D.,Central Connecticut State University, M.L.S., M.S. Southern Connecticut State University, C.A.S. Sacred Heart University, B.A. Yale University
Conor Perreault (2019) Systems Librarian. M.L.S., Southern Connecticut State University; B.S,. Northeastern University
Marilyn Chin-Gosset (2022) M.L.S. Queens College, B.S. SUNY Fredonia
Terrence Phillips (2022) Library Associate. M.S. Florida State University, B.A. Art History

• Educational Technologies

Alfonzo Lewis (2001) Educational Technologies Specialist. B.A., University of Connecticut
Taylor Rajaniemi (2017) Acting Media Specialist, B.S. Southern Connecticut State University

♦ Student Services Division

Alese Mulvihill (2019) Interim Dean.
Amy DeFigueiredo (2006) Administrative Assistant. B.S., Southern Connecticut State University

❖ Student Engagement and Career Development

Richard Palinko* (2013) EA Veteran Affairs. A.S., Gateway Community College, B.A. University of New Haven

;•Student Activities

Alfred Guante (2020) Director. M.Ed. Northeastern University; B.A. University of Connecticut.
Nina Evers* (2014) Educational Assistant

Student Success: Advising and Retention

Michael Buccilli (2010) Director, MSW Southern Connecticut State University, B.S. University of Vermont
Kathleen Ahern* (2013) Inerim Director. M.S. Southern Connecticut State University, B.S. University of Rhode Island, NCC Certified; Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
Sandra Eskridge (2001) Student Development and Services Associate. M.S., B.A., Fort Valley State College
Roberta Prior (2004) Student Success Specialist. M.S. Western Illinois University, B.A1. Central Connecticut State University
John Mullane (2008) Counselor. M.S., Central Connecticut State University; B.A., University of New Hampshire
Sandy Mastropetre (2019) Academic Advisor. B.S. Quinnipiac University
Kristina Kosnoff (2019) Academic Advisor. B.S. Fordham University
Claudine Tolbert (2019) Academic Advisor. M.A. University of St. Joseph’s, B.A. Lehman College
Stephanie Perez* (2020) Acting Counselor. M.S. Southern Connecticut State University; B.S. Northeastern University
Kristoff Helmeczi (2020) Office Assistant. A.S. Gateway Community College

• Student Accessibility Services

Ronald Chomicz (2012) Learning Disabilities Specialist. Sixth Year, M.Ed., SYC; Southern Connecticut State University; B.A., Central Connecticut State University
Samantha Murphy (2012) Learning Disabilities Specialist. M.S., Southern Connecticut State University; B.A., Eastern Connecticut State University; A.A., Northwestern Community College

• Counseling and Wellness

Melissa Sirois (2020) Office Assistant.

Gender Equity

Jennifer Wenderoth-Holster* (2015) Interim Gender Equity Coordinator. B.A. Central Connecticut State University, CT Certified Sexual Assault and Domenstic Violence Crisis Counselor/Advocate

Financial Aid

Vacant - Director
Amy Poskus (2018) Associate Director. M.S. University of Bridgeport, B.L.S. University of Tampa
Lavanda Bryant (2008) Assistant Director. MSW, B.S. Southern Connecticut State University, A.S., Gateway Community College
Hongyu Li (2012) Accountant. M.S. University of Hartford; B.S. Xian University of Technology, CPA

• Registrar

Vacant - Registrar
Susan Serrantino (1999) Associate Registrar. B.S., Charter Oak State College; A.S., Gateway Community College.
Abdul Alsamraie (2013) Assistant Registrar. A.S. Gateway Community College. Workforce Development & Continuing Education
Jenny Cintron-Dickens (2017) Registration Services Assistant. MBA, B.S. Albertus Magnus College, A.S. Gateway Community College
Teresa Delvalle-Saddler (2016) Office Assistant
Jamaine Linton (2016) Office Assistant


Elizabeth Vega (2003) Associate Director. M.S. University of Bridgeport, B.S.W., Southern Connecticut State University; A.S., Gateway Community College
Jeanette Rivera Epps (2017) Assistant Director. B.A. Western Connecticut State University
Mary-Jo Pallotto* (2019) Interim Admissions Transfer Coordinator, ABD Northcentral University
Lisa Barletta (2008) Office Assistant
Sansanee Bijananda (2000) Office Assistant. Certificate, Gateway Community College
Monica Garcia (2006) Office Assistant
Center for Educational Services
Clara Mena (2005) Director. M.S., Southern Connecticut State University; B.A., Charter Oak State College; A.S., Gateway Community College
Natasha Jackson* (2019) CES Administrator. A.S. Gateway Community College

Workforce Development & Continuing Education

Erika Lynch* (2012) Interim Director of Non-Credit Programs. B.S., Quinnipiac University
Marianne Lippard (2010) Administrative Assistant. B.A. Clemson University
Jaime French* (2004) Director, Step Foward. M.A. University of Utah; B.A., SUNY Albany
Pamela Walsh (2015) Coordinator, Continuing Education.  B.S., SUNY, Brockport NY
Kaitlyn Kos* (2014) Coordinator of Adult Education. M.S., Southern Connecticut State University; B.A., Central Connecticut State University
Monica Madeux* (2019) Continuing Education Associate. B.S. Corporacion Universitaria Iberoamericana (Bogota-Colombia)
Michele Stom* (2019) Coordinator, Step Forward. B.S. Mansfield University


* Denotes Full-Time Educational Assistant
** Denotes Full-Time Lecturer


Thomas M. Adams (1983-2011) Professor Emeritus of Computer Engineering Technology
Frank D. Archangelo (1981-2003) Associate Professor Emeritus of Chemistry/Math/Physics
John Argento (1983-2009) Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, Math and Physics
Margaret Bauer (1978-2009) Dean Emerita of Research and Development
Mary P. Birdsey (1978-2003) Professor Emerita of Business Office Technology
Victoria Bozzuto (1994-2019) Dean Emerita of Workforce Development, Continuing Education
Carol Brutza (1998-2019) Professor Emerita ESL, Peace & Conflict Studies
William F. Celotto, PE (1979-1999) Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering Technology
Michele N. Cone (1981-2007) Director Emerita of Library
Arthur Corda (1976-2009) Director Emeritus of Facilities and Events
Daniel J. Courcey, Jr. (1969-2011) Professor Emeritus of Social Sciences
Jesse Davis (1971-2011) Professor Emeritus of Psychology
William J. Dean (1977-2003) Professor Emeritus of Social Science
Diana P. Duarte (1972-2003) Professor Emerita of Business Office Technology
Roy Francis (1979-2005) Director Emeritus of Engineering and Applied Technologies
Frank Gallagher (1985 - 2009) Professor Emeritus of Computer Science
Russell Gaudio (1991-2014) Professor Emeritus of English
G. J. Gerard (1982 - 2009) Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering Technology
Richard Halkyard (1999-2019) Professor Emeritus Engineering Technologies
Martha Hayes (1996-2019) Professor Emeritus English
Martha M. Hirsch (1986-1997) Associate Professor Emerita of Gerontology
Joyce Donen Hirschhorn (1969-1991) Professor Emerita of Human Communication
L.C. Hopes (1972-1992) Professor Emeritus of Sociology
Marsha Janik (1990 - 2009) Professor Emerita of Business Office Technology
Edith G. Jaquiery (1980-1992) Dean Emerita of Academic Affairs
Susan Moore Lincoln, (1969-1997) Dean Emerita of Students
Dominic Longo (1979-1992) Associate Dean Emeritus of Instruction
Wilson Luna (1995-2019) Dean Emeritus Student Affairs
Joseph E. Magyar (1968-1997) Associate Dean Emeritus of Community Services
Julie Perego Mangini (1989) A.R.R.T. (R). Professor Emerita-Radiography
Ann B. Manner (1977-1992) Professor Emerita of Chemistry/Math/Physics
Stuart J. McEnerney (1970-1989) Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
Thomas McGrath (1981-2019) Professor Emeritus, Biomedical Engineering Technology
Carol Guerrera McHugh (1970-2014) Executive Assistant Emerita to the President
Tina McHugh (1978-2011) Director Emerita of Counseling
Victor C. Medina (1998-2014) Professor Emeritus of Sociology
Donald Mei (1972-2009) Professor Emeritus of Accounting and Political Science
Luis F. Melendez (1990-2013) Director Emeritus of Center for Educational Services
Robert A. Miles (1972-2009) Director Emeritus of Career Services
Karl S. Paecht (1977-1992) Associate Professor Emeritus of Manufacturing Engineering Technology
Bonnie A. Pease (1979-2003) Librarian Emerita of Library
Cheryl A. Pegues (1986-2009) Director Emerita of Student Development/Services
Albert Pesticci (1981-2009) Professor Emeritus of Math and Science
David Pettigrew (1990-2011) Professor Emeritus of Automotive Technology
Richard Rees (2002-2019) Professor Emeritus Business
Ann G. Robinson (1972-1999) Professor Emerita of Psychology
Kenneth R. Robinson (1970-1988) Professor Emeritus of Sociology
Irving Rosenthal (1971-1990) Professor Emeritus of Sociology and Anthropology
John Scippa (1972-2011) Professor Emeritus of Media, Film and Human Communication
Cheryl Shannon (2007-2019) Professor Emeritus Social Sciences
Edmund L. Sobolewski (1977-1987) Dean Emeritus of Students
David M. Swirsky (1982-2011) Registrar Emeritus of Records
William E. Thumbeck (1970-2003) Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
Virginia Woolums (1996-2019) Professor Emerita English

Board of Regents for Higher Education

The 17 Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (ConnSCU) governed by the Board of Regents for Higher Education, offer students an affordable, accessible option to further their education or career training. With 12 community colleges, 4 state universities and an online college, no matter where you live or work, there’s a ConnSCU campus close to you.

Matt Fleury, Chair
Merle W. Harris, Vice Chair
Richard J. Balducci
Aviva D. Budd
Naomi K. Cohen
Delwyn F. Cummings**
Felice Gray-Kemp
Holly Howery
David R. Jimenez
William Lugo**
Sage Maier
Raul Pino**
Pete Rosa
Elena Ruiz
JoAnn Ryan
Catherine Smith**
Dianna R. Wentzell**
Kurt Westby**
Elease E. Wright
** Ex-Officio Members

Leadership Team

The Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (ConnCSU) leadership team works with the campus leaders, faculty, and staff to help increase the educational attainment of Connecticut’s adult population. All 17 college and university presidents report directly to President Kennedy, who reports to the Board of Regents for Higher Education. ConnSCU leadership team members provide additional support and guidance for both the Board and campuses.

President - Mark E. Ojakian
Provost and Sr. Vice President – Jane McBridge Gates
Vice President for State Universities - Elsa Nunez
Vice President for Community Colleges - Dr. David Levinson
Director of Government Relations - Sean Bradbury
Associate Director of Board Affairs - Erin Fitzgerald
Director of Research and System Effectiveness - William J. Gammell, Ph.D.
Director of Strategic Initiatives - Michael Kozlowski
Director of Communication - Maribel La Luz
Chief of Staff - Alice Pritchard
Chief Financial Officer - Erika H. Steiner
Chief Information Officer – Joe Tolisano
Counsel - Ernestine Y. Weaver
Vice President of Human Resources - Steven Weinberger

President’s Executive Council (Formerly Regional Advisory Council)

Shay Atluru (North Haven)
Larry Bingaman (New Haven)
Dr. Carol Birks (New Haven)
Althea Marshall Brooks (New Haven)
Kevin Burke (Hartford)
Martha Carlson (Hartford)
William Ginsberg (New Haven)
Jeff Hubbard (New Haven)
Jill Rubin Hummel (Wallingford)
Lenell Kittlitz (Newington)
Jeff Klaus (New Haven)
The Honorable Martin Looney (New Haven)
Tony Rescigno (New Haven)
Robert Santy (Rocky Hill)
Garrett Sheehan (New Haven)
Carlos Torre (New Haven)
William Villano (New Haven)

Gateway Community College Foundation, Inc.

Mission Statement:

Access to a quality education is a fundamental right all citizens should enjoy.  The Gateway Community College Foundation raises and manages private funds on behalf of Gateway Community College to supplement state funds by providing scholarships, professional development grants, equipment, and program support that ensure success for all Gateway Community College students.

Paul McCraven, Chair, Comm & Economic Development Consultant
Helene Augustine, Vice Chair, VP, Trust & Fiduciary Specialist
Thomas Beirne, Treasurer, VP Halsey Associates
Sally Glick, Secretary, VP & Adminstrator, Chamber Insurance Trust
Richard Borer, President, Goodwill Southern New England
Hiram Brett, Principal, Brett Associates
Althea Marshall Brooks, Exec. Dir., Waterbury Bridge to Success Community Partnership
Dan Caron, TrussT Consulting, Inc.
Kevin Dougherty, People’s United Bank
John Emra, President for Connecticut AT&T
Linda Fitzgerald, Crown World Wide
Charles Frey, Nonprofit Consultant
Lindy Gold, Senior Regional Management, CT State Dept. of Economic & Comm. Development
Peter D. Graeb, Beers, Hamerman, Cohen & Burger, PC
Thomas Griggs, Jr., Co-Executive Director, Int’l Festival of Arts & Ideas
Allen Hadelman, President, Hadley, Inc.
Roberta Hoskie, President/CEO Outreach Realty
LaKisha Jordan, Corporate Responsibility Officer, Keybank
Mimi Lines, Robinson & Cole, LLC
Wilson Luna, Retired, Gateway Community College
Nicolas Phillips, WSP USA
Ruby Melton, Community Leader
Linda Randell, Attorney/Consultant
Pedro Soto, Account Manager, CRT Power Systems LLC - SpaceCraft
Susan Stone, Community Leader
Holly Wheeler, Carmody Torrance Sandak & Hennessey
Ena Williams, Sr. Vice President, Chief Nursing Officer, Yale New Haven Hospital

Ex-Officio Directors

Paul Broadie II, Ph.D., President, Gateway Community College
Mark Lynch, Ph.D., Faculty Representative, Professor, Gateway Community College
Monica Maldonado, SGA President, Gateway Community College

Advisory Committees

These committees assist the program faculty in maintaining quality programs, relevant courses, and appropriate experiences that reflect the needs of area businesses and service industries, as well as local, state, and federal agencies.

• Automotive Technology

CARS Program

Walter Barrientos, Technician
Reginald Fleurantin, Graduate, technician
Dan Fuller, Department Chair
Gary Gara, Cross High School
Lee Gouveia, Owner, My Garage
Steve Halpern, AAA Northeast
Scott McFarland, Faculty/Coordinator
George Panagiotou, Subaru of NE, Technical Training Operations Manager
Joe Vertucci, Graduate/Faculty

Honda PACT

Dan Fuller, Department Chair
Gary Gargano, Service Director, Executive Auto Group
Steve Halpern, AAA Northeast
John Hauk, Service Manager, Curtis Ryan Honda
Scott James, AHM training center Coordinator
Haydon Kissel, student
Pat LeClair, Service Manager, Honda of Westport
Keith Levins, AHM dpsm
Scott McFarland, Faculty/Coordinator
Hope Niles, AHM dpsm
Dan Sharma, AHM trainer
General Motors (ASEP)
Edward Barlage, III, Automotive Program Facilitator
Jay Bradley, Karl Chevrolet
John DeMartin, Parsons Buick
Ron DePoto, Parent of Student
Tim Feegel, Jackson Chevrolet
Dan Fuller, Department Chair
Mark A. Lentine, Snap-On Tools
Ken Pfeiffer, Valenti Chevrolet
Robert Richnavsky, Ingersoll Automotive
Dan Schnaufer, D’Addario Buick-GMC-Cadillac

• Biomedical Engineering Technology

Raymond Acosta, Chief Biomedical Engineering Technician, Yale-New Haven Hospital
Athan Chekas, Director, Clinical Engineering / Communications, Hartford Healthcare
Vincent Cianci, Supervisor, Clinical Engineering, YNHH - St. Raphael Campus (GNHSTC 1984)
Tony D’Adamo, Regional Service Manager, Novamed Corporation
Roger DeBaise, Biomedical Engineer, Gaylord Hospital
Arthur Hanson, CBET, Manager, Biomedical Engineering, Gaylord Hospital
Anton Hebenstreit, Clinical Engineering, University of Connecticut Health Center
John Klemenz, Director, Veterans Administration Medical Center, West Haven
Thomas Koshis, X-Ray Engineer, GE Healthcare (Ret.) (GNHSTC 1986)
• Business / Business Office Technology / Retail / Entrepreneurship / Hospitality
Margaret Antonelli, A.S., South Central Community College, Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Chris Bartlett, Skater’s Landing and Global Entertainment Media
Richard G. Bell, Esq., Chair of the Watershed Fund/Regional Water Authority
Marlon Bennett, The Lighting Quotient
Dennis Brown, Business Consultant
Sharon Burns, Wal-Mart
Diane Calello, Yale-New Haven Health System
Allan Codore, GM, Omni New Haven Hotel at Yale
Pat Daniel, New Haven Chamber of Commerce
Beth DuPont, Director of Human Resources, CT Hospital Association
Corinne Fisher, Yale University School of Medicine
Michelle Fraser, Gateway Community College
Susan Gendreau, Qualidigm
Jane Griffith, Esquire
Drew Harris, Professor, Central Connecticut State University
Scott Healy, Town Green Special Services District,
Scott Hibson, Director of Sales, New Haven Hotel
Ed Hill, U.S. Navy Office of the Supervisor of Shipbuilding Small Business Liaison
Stan Kapinos, InnotechJohn Mathers, GM Madison Beach Hotel
Dr. Tam H. Le, DMD, Hamden Family Dental Center, LLC
Ann McDonnell, EcoGenics
Susan McLean, A.S., South Central Community College, United Illuminating
Debbie Mele, Sales Manager, Omni New Haven Hotel at Yale
Chris Ortwein, Town Green District Economic Prosperity Initiative
Joe Pasquantino, U.S. Navy Office of the Supervisor of Shipbuilding Small Business Liaison
Lynn Peterson, Marketing Director, Westfield Connecticut Post
Tim Phalen, Connecticut Retail Merchants Association
Matthew Potochney, The Lighting Quotient
Michael Roer, Entrepreneurship Foundation
Patricia Sanders, Post College President Emeritus, Chairman, New Haven SCORE
Jose Santiago, Walgreens
Linda Trudeau, Board of Education, Guilford, CT
Robin Vuillermet, Co-owner, Union League Cafe
Maya Vulinovic, Director of Human Resources, Study Hotel at Yale
Karen Weil, Director of Food and Nutrition, Milford Hospital
Clay Williams, City of New Haven Small Business Development
Neville Wisdom, Neville Wisdom Fashion Design Studio
Lisa Woods, Connecticut Procurement Technical Assistance Program
Berdest Wrisbon, A.S. Gateway Community College, ACES, Program Development
Michael Zacchea, Lt. Col. USMC (ret.) UCONN Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities

• College of Technology Site Coordinators and Advisory Committee

Mobin Rastgar Agah, Norwalk Community College
Mary Bidwell, Asnuntuck Community College
Christine Broadbridge, Executive Director, Research & Innovation, Southern CT State University
Daniel Burkey, Associate Dean, University of CT, School of Engineering
Basia Dellaripa, Capital Community College
Mehrdad Faezi, Manchester Community College
Ann Marie Gagnon, Charter Oak State College
Michael Gentry, Three Rivers Community College
Laurie Granstrand, University of Hartford
Sharon Gusky, Northwestern CT Community College
Harvey Hoffman, Fairfield University
Lin Lin, Middlesex Community College
Justin Moore, Naugatuck Valley Community College
Olusegun Odesina, Assistant Dean, Central CT State University, School of Engineering
Robert Ryder, Housatonic Community College
Nancy Savage, Dean, University of New Haven, School of Engineering
Gad Selig, Dean, University of Bridgeport, School of Engineering
Polly Silva, Eastern CT State University
Jakob Spjut, Quinebaug Valley Community College
Susan Spencer, Gateway Community College
Greg Szepanski, Tunxis Community College
Mark Vesligaj, Three Rivers Community College
Karen Wosczyna-Birch, COT Executive Director

• Computer Engineering Technology

Dr. Hisham Alnajjar, Associate Dean, Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Hartford
Dr. Atluru, Chief Executive Officer, Diversified Technology Consultants
Chris Bassett, Director of Information Technology, Town of North Haven
Michael Buccilli, Director of Career Service, Gateway Community College
Michael Doering, Director of Quality - Fire Systems, Honeywell Fire Systems
Steven Dufour, Software Design Assurance Manager, Honeywell Fire Systems
Richard Halkyard, Associate Professor, Gateway Community College
Dr. Scott Hamilton, Professor and Chairman of Engineering, Quinnipiac University
Dr. Ronald Harichandran, Dean of Tagliatela College of Engineering, University of New Haven
Alex Linos, Franchise Owner, Nerds to Go
Lee Panagoulias, Professor, Gateway Community College
Larry Salay, Director of Information Technology, Gateway Community College
Poulomi Sanyal
Dr. Karen Tracey, Department Chair, Computer Electronics & Graphics Technology, CCSU
David Yaccarino, State Representative, R-87

• Computer Science Technology

Robert Jasek, Information Security Officer, Yale University
Mohammed Hanif, Senior Engineer, Northeast Utilities
Carrie M. Horvath, Ph.D., Portal Support Specialist, Connecticut Community Colleges
Robert Hubbard, Business Admin. & Management Department Chair, Albertus Magnus College
David Pfrommer, Senior Software Engineer, CD Solutions, Inc.

• Drug and Alcohol Recovery Counselor Program

Kathleen Callahan, Trauma and Gender Coordinator, Women’s Consortium
Susan Campion, President, Connecticut Association of Addiction Professionals
Jeff Epps, LADC, MSW, CCJP, Regional Network of Programs
Renee Hausman, Director of Admissions, Children’s Center Hamden
Charles MacDonald, Director, Forensic Health Services
Jeff Quamme, Executive Director, Connecticut Certification Board, Inc.
Teresa Roehrich, MS, LADC, CCS, Clinical Supervisor, Apt Foundation
Eileen Russo, MA, LADC, CCS, DARC faculty
Elsa Ward, Director, South Central Peer Service (affiliation of Connections)
Robin Woodward, MS, LADC, Waterbury Hospital Behavioral Health

• Electrical Engineering Technology

William Bacon, Vice President, Metrology Operations, Zygo Corporation
Harold Hansen, Senior Engineer, Hamilton Sundstrand Space Systems International (UTC)
Robert O’Connor, Technical Consultant
Ron Robert, Staffing Manager, United Illuminating Co.
Charles E. Ruotolo, Electrical Engineering Consultant, Ruotolo Electric
Lisa Sampietro, Assistant Branch Manager, Randstad US
Edmond Vinarub, Electronic/Electro-Optics Consultant

• Environmental Science and Toxicology

R. Scott Allen, Enforcement Officer, Inland Wetland and Water Courses Commission
Dr. Murali Atluru, Diversified Technology Consultants
Patrick Bowe, Airt Management Bureau, CT Department of Environmental Protection
Charlie Cappannari, Cytec Industries, Inc.
Mary Chesley, Environmental Monitoring Laboratory, Inc.
David Ditta, Complete Environmental Testing
Jim Dziuba, Marin Environmental
Thomas Morrisey, Director of Planning, Water Management Bureau, CT Dept. of Environmental Protection
William Williams, Vice President, Consulting Environmental Engineers
Ken Zercie, Assistant Director, State Police Forensic Laboratory

• Humanities

Dino Ciaburri, Adjunct Faculty, Gateway Community College, Headmaster, Milford Academy (Ret.)
George Charlesworth, Attorney
Donald Dimenstein, Director of Elderly Services (Ret.)
Sandy Kooregian, Executive Director, Domestic Violence Services of Greater New Haven
Paul Musco, Shoreline Chiropractic Services
Howard Reitman, Director, Reitman Personnel Agencies
Vivian Shipley, Professor of English, Southern CT State University
John Artis Yopp, Director, Department of Children and Families

• Human Services

Tracy Blanford, Professor, Gateway Community College
Kellie Byrd Danso, Norwalk Community College
Chantal Gray, Boys and Girls Club of New Haven
Barbara McMillian, Liberty Safe Haven
Eric Murrell, Gateway Community College
Kyle O’Brien, SCSU, Ph.D., DHSc, MSW, MSOT, LCSW, OTR/L
Teresa Russo, Professor, Gateway Community College

• Manufacturing Engineering Technology

Dr. Eben C. Cobb, Professor, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Russell J. Corriveau, Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Sargent Manufacturing Company
Vincent Dinicola, Jr., Senior Manufacturing Engineer, U.S. Surgical
Geraldo C. Reyes, Jr., General Manager, Sargent Manufacturing Company
Robert Paternoster, Adjunct Faculty, Gateway Community College.

• Mechanical Engineering Technology

John Bokowski, Operation Consultant, United Illuminating
William Celotto PE Retired, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Gateway Community College
Ilias Diamantis, Project Engineer, Parker Hannifin Corporation
John Sarris, Ph.D, Chair, Mechanical Engineering Department, University of New Haven
Protais Tala, Validation Engineer, CAS Medical System, Inc.


Susan Diehl, Professor & Chair, Nursing Division, University of Hartford
Lindsay Donnelly, Nursing Education Coordinator, Gaylord Hospital
Mary Ann Glendon, RN to BSN Coordinator, Southern CT State University
Peggy Joyce, Administrator, Whitney Center
Judy Hahn, Director of Education & Professional Development, Yale New Haven Hospital
Carol Martineau, Supervisor, Elim Park Health Care & Rehab
April McGrath, Graduate, Gateway Community College
Lisa O’Connor, Director of Undergraduate Nursing Program, Quinnipiac University
Linda Pellico, PhD, APRN, Yale University School of Nursing
Lisa Rebeschi, Chairperson & Associate Professor, Dept. of Nursing, Eli Whitney Technical H.S.
Melinda Schoen, VP for Nursing, Masonicare
Ginnine Tanoia, Montowese
Beverly Tontini, HR Recruiter, VNA

• Nutrition and Dietetics

Donna Caseria, RD, Clinical Nutrition Research Coordinator, Yale-New Haven Hospital
Anne Davis, Ph.D., RDN, FAND, Director of Dietetics, University of New Haven
Marcia Doran, RDN, Professor, Gateway Community College
Elaine Lickteig, RDN, Clinical Coordinator, Gateway Community College
Judy Prager, RDN, CD-N, Nutrition Consultant
Nina Ruckes, RD, Nutrition Consultant

• Radiology

Jon Alderman, Research Associate, Yale School of Medicine
Denise Allen, Regional Chief Therapist, Yale New Haven Hospital
Julie Austin, Radiography Program Director, GCC
Michelle Bailey, Supervisor, Radiation Oncology, Danbury Hospital
Amy Barocsi, Chief Technologist, Nuclear Medicine, Milford Hospital
Nikki Bartolomeo-Perez, Assistant Chief Technologist, VA New England Healthcare System
Kathleen Bell, Regional Manager, Yale-New Haven Shoreline Medical Center
Karen Blackburn, Assistant Administrator of Radiology, William W. Backus Hospital
Reg Body, Clinical Instructor, GCC
Michael Bohan, Radiation Safety Officer, Yale-New Haven Hospital
Virginia Bowolick, Chief Radiation Therapist, Bridgeport Hospital
Angela Burnham, Lead Sonographer, St. Francis Hospital
Carissa Carta, Senior Technologist Nuclear Medicine, Middlesex Hospital
Melanie Caruso, Clinical Instructor, Department of Ultrasound, Middlesex Hospital
Celia Maria Carvalho-Rubino, Coordinator of Dual Enrollment & CCP Partnerships, GCC
Christy Casella, Clinical Instructor, Temple Radiology
Michelle Cone, Chief Radiation Therapist, Lawrence and Memorial Hospital
Christine Cooper, Director of Radiology & Cardiology, Griffin Hospital
Donna Costanzo, Radiologic Technololgist, Griffin Hospital
Lori Daley, Chief Technologist, Nuclear Medicine Department, VA Connecticut Healthcare System, West Haven Campus
David Daniele, Staff Technologist Nuclear Medicine, UCONN Health Center
Floyd Davis, Clinical Instructor, GCC
Sandra Dean, Radiology Interim Director, Middlesex Hospital
Nancy DeStefano, Lead Sonographer, Department of Ultrasound, Middlesex Hospital
Robert DeVito, Manager, Department of Diagnostic Imagine, Yale-New Haven Hospital
Joyce Giannelli, Clinical Instructor, GCC
Cheryl Granucci, Director, Diagnostic Radiology, Yale-New Haven Hospital
Matthew Gregory, Chief Technologist, Nuclear Medicine, Yale-New Haven Hospital
Kathy Hale, Radiation Therapy Instructor
Kathleen Hansen, Chief Technologist, Nuclear Medicine, MidState Medical Center
Ashley Harrison, Radiography Student, GCC
Bonnie Hensen, Lead Sonographer, VA Connecticut Healthcare System, West Haven Campus
Susan Higgins, Radiation Therapy Department, Yale-New Haven Hospital
Karen Hoang, Clinical Supervisor, Cardinal Health Nuclear Pharmacy Services (East Hartford)
Tony Hrenyo, Lead Sonographer, Milford Hospital
Alan Iovino, Chief Sonographer, Ultrasound, Norwalk Hospital
Ann-Terese Jasmin, Chief Radiation Therapist, Yale New Haven Hospital
JoAnne Jones, Chief Technologist, Bridgeport Hospital Radiology
Gandi Koura, Radiography Student, GCC
John Kim, Chief Dosimetrist, Yale-New Haven Hospital
Christine Kopp, Lead Sonographer, St. Francis Hospital
Mark Lewis, Chief Technologist, Radiology Department, VA Connecticut Healthcare System, West Haven Campus
John Magee, Sonographer Supervisor Ultrasound, Bridgeport Hospital
Debra Mauriello, Chief Technologist, VA New England Healthcare System
Michelle Bailey, Supervisor, Radiation Oncology, Danbury Hospital
Claudine Murphy, Radiation Therapy, Bridgeport Hospital
Shalene Neeman, Chief Radiation Therapist, Yale New Haven Hospital St. Raphael’s Campus New Haven
Marion Owen, Sonographer, Supervisor of Ultrasound, William W. Backus Hospital
Susan Palumbo, Lead Sonographer, Ultrasound, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
Diana Pasqua Kardamis, Chief Technologist, Nuclear Medicine, Griffin Hospital
Michele Pepe, Manager, Nuclear Medicine, Yale-New Haven Hospital
Maureen Perachio, Manager, MR, Yale New Haven Hospital
Darcy Phillips, Manager, Nuclear Medicine, Lawrence & Memorial Hospital
Joseph Phillips, Director of Diagnostic Imaging/Therapeutics, UCONN Health Ctr.
Lauren Pierce, Supervisor/Lead Ultrasound Technologist, Bristol Hospital
Laura Quillia, Clinical Instructor, Lawrence & Memorial Hospital
James Ricci, Chief Technologist, Nuclear Medicine, William W. Backus Hospital
Staci Riley, Imaging Director, Lawrence & Memorial Hospital
Pauline Rocha, Manager, Breast Imaging and Film Library, Lawrence & Memorial
Linda Rossetti, Clinical Instructor, Radiology Department, Bridgeport Hospital
Tanya Rucker, Emergency Department, Yale-New Haven Hospital
Kyle Salerno, Sonographer, Supervisor of Ultrasound, Hospital of Saint Raphael
Rachel Sanderson, Radiation Therapist, Gateway Community College
Lawrence Saperstein, MD, Nuclear Medicine, Yale-New Haven Hospital
Christina Sartori, Radiation Therapist, Yale New Haven Hospital St. Raphael Hamden Campus
Marcie Scalia, Manager, Cardiac Imaging, Yale-New Haven Hospital
Dana Schwartz, Advanced Radiology Consultants
Karen Shannon
Jamie Sheehan, Chief Technologist, Nuclear Medicine, Yale New Haven Hospital St. Raphael Campus
Roseann Shore, Clinical Instructor, Gateway Community College
Anthony Sicignano, Senior Staff Technologist, Nuclear Medicine, Yale New Haven Hospital St. Raphael Campus
Irene Smith, Sonographer, Supervisor Ultrasound, Griffin Hospital
Linda Tamplini, Supervisor, Bridgeport Hospital-Antenatal Unit
Richard Thayer, Radiography Faculty GCC
Dawn Tomaszewski, Manager, Interventional Radiology, Yale-New Haven Hospital
Donna Travali, Clinical Instructor, Radiology Department, Bridgeport Hospital
Vera Tsatkin, Chief Technologist, Nuclear Cardiology, Yale-New Haven Hospital
Robert Varsanik, Chief Technologist, Nuclear Medicine, Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center
Jaye Viola, Radiography Clinical Coordinator, GCC
Ann-Marie Watrous, Manager, General Radiology, Yale New Haven Hospital, St. Raphaels Campus
Bozena Zieba, VA New England Healthcare System

• Railroad Engineering Technology

Brian Clark, CTC&S
Paul Constantinople, Retired, Metro North Railroad
Jose Correia, Foreman, MTA Metro-North Railroad
Marcellus Edwards, Conductor, MTA Metro-North Railroad
Garrick Fearson, Sr. Productivity Planner, MTA Metro-North Railroad
Fred Gill, Talent Acquisition Specialist, MTA Metro-North Railroad
Lawrence Ivy, Foreman, Mechanical, MTA Metro-North Railroad
Keith Kalish, Radio Maintainer, MTA Metro-North Railroad
Wayne Sanford, President, Shoreline Trolley Museum
Frank Vega, Foreman General I - MTA Metro-North Railroad