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2019-2020 GCC Catalog 
2019-2020 GCC Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Learning Support Services


Telephone: (203) 865-5614
Email: 0809mgr@fhey.follett.com
Website: www.gctc.bkgtr.com

The bookstore carries all course textbooks, other reading materials, art and science supplies, notebooks and school supplies, sundries, snacks, clothing, gifts, and other items of interest. The operating hours of the college bookstore are flexible, thereby providing services to both day and evening students.

Center for Educational Services

Telephone: (203) 285-2217 or (203) 285-2519

Hours of Operation: Monday - Thursday 8:00am - 8:00pm; Friday 8:00am - 4:30 pm

The Center for Educational Services (CES) provides academic support services for the students. The CES provides tutorial assistance and related services to help students become better skilled in selected areas. Tutoring is available in Math, English, ESL (English as Second Language), Physical Sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) Accounting and Business. Computer assisted tutorials are especially useful for review and practice of basic skills in ALEKS is available for all the students. Tutoring is provided for most courses on a small group basis, as available. All students are welcome in the center and are encouraged to use any of the services. Call to obtain information on office hours. Please keep in mind that budget restrictions limit the resources available each semester and therefore services are most available early in the semester and can quickly become limited.


Students enrolled in courses at the college may receive free tutoring. Tutoring is provided for many entry-level courses at the college on a small group basis, as available.

Placement Testing

The college welcomes students with different levels of academic preparation. The college believes that proper course selection is one of the keys to academic success. All first-time, degree or certified students are required to take a Placement Assessment in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. Placement Assessments are also available for students who have limited English proficiency. (Please refer to the English as a Second Language course description.) Test results are used to advise students into appropriate courses.

Placement Re-Testing Policy

Students wishing to register for courses beyond the Placement Test recommendation (ACCUPLACER) must get faculty approval from the Math and English Department. The department may elect to administer a local placement assessment. Faculty may then recommend a placement course consistent with the local test results. Students who wish to further challenge the placement outcome may request this from the department chairperson or the dean of the Students in the absence of the department chair. Students may authorize re-testing with ACCUPLACER. Retesting will be schedule at a time allotted by the placement coordinator, which will not displace first-time test takers.  *Bootcamp students are exempt from the test re-taking policy.

Exam Proctoring

The CES provides in-house proctoring services to all faculty members. Please contact us for more information. 

The CES now provides distance proctoring for online and paper-based exams from other institutions. Exams are by appointment only and must be scheduled and completed without our normal proctoring hours.  Proctoring Services are provided at $50/2 hrs.  To schedule an appointment please contact the CES department at (203) 285-2218..

Please note that children are not permitted in the CES.

College Writing Center

Coordinator (203) 285-2245

Offering non-evaluative feedback, on any reading or writing assignment across the college-level curriculum, Writing Center tutors devote 45 minutes to working with individual students at any stage of their composition process. Tutors can coach students in narrowing a topic, finding a focus, developing content, organizing ideas, and improving style and correctness; they can also clarify APA and MLA guidelines for properly formatting papers as well as for citing and documenting sources. In collaboration with students, tutors identify, prioritize, and address the issues an assignment’s draft presents. Their goal is to enhance a student’s re-writing and editing skills and support that student in applying those skills independently before he/she submits the final paper to its ultimate audience, the professor who will grade the essay. The Center opens the second week of each semester; find operating hours on the electronic bulletin boards location around campus. For more information, contact the Writing Center at 203.285.2245.

Computer Resources

Computer-equipped classrooms and laboratories for the college curriculum and workshops are located conveniently throughout the campus in both the North and South buildings. All computers are linked by a high-speed network that provides access to printer, internet and other necessary computer services.

The campus has more than 30 computer classrooms. There are general purpose computer classrooms designed for the college’s general curriculum, and program-specific computer classrooms for Computer Science, Allied Health, Nursing, Engineering and Graphic Design programs. We utilize more than 100 industry-standard programs for the curriculum, including Microsoft Office, Adobe CS, Autocad, Keyboarding Pro, Visual Studio, SmartCam, and MultiSim. Macintosh computers are also available on a programmatic basis to assist students. The college also has specialty laptop carts that can be brought into lecture classrooms when needed and laptop carts dedicated to the Science labs.

There are three open computer labs on campus located on the second and third floors in both the North and South buildings. At least one open lab is available when the college is open. Hours may vary by lab.

The student service area features more than 30 self-help kiosks that are designed to assist students in retrieving their campus-related information. These kiosks are located throughout the Student Services corridor and enable students to access their information using the myCommNet portal and their NetID.

The Library features more than 35 computer stations in the Learning Commons area where students can work on assignments or conduct library research. There is also a Library instruction classroom with 32 computers where students are taught by librarians how to properly utilize all library-related resources. The Library also houses the student laptop loaner program which has 30 laptops that can be loaned out for in-library use only.

The wireless network is available throughout the campus and allows a student to connect and access the internet using their personal wireless device (laptop, tablet, or smartphone). Just use your NetID and password for connection.

Educational Technologies

Telephone (203) 285-2268

The Office of Educational Technologies provides support to motivate and enable the College to enrich the learning process through technology. The office serves as a campus resource for information on emerging and evolving educational technologies, coordinates comprehensive media services, and assists in the electronic dissemination of information.

The office coordinates and/or provides support for the following:

  • Videoconference Center
  • College Website
  • Audio-Visual Equipment
  • Assistance in Multimedia and Video Production
  • One-on-one or group instruction on presentation technology and other computer applications
  • Campus-wide Electronic Message System
  • Faculty/Staff Training
  • Student Computer Laboratories

First Niagara Library and Learning Commons

Telephone (203) 285-2057

Gateway Community College maintains a full service library which provides a variety of print and electronic resources that support and supplement the curriculum of the college. In addition to the main collection, the library houses special collections, including the African American History Collection, the Early Childhood Education Model Collection and the Small Business Resource Center. The complete listing of the library’s collections is available through the online public access catalog. The library also offers group and individual study rooms, collaborative pods (C-pods), laptops for use in the library, graphing calculators, headphones, and wireless Internet access. In addition, the library houses computers with internet access and Office Suite. Professional librarians are always on hand to assist users with their academic needs. Research appointments with a librarian can be made for in-depth assistance lasting up to one hour.

Electronic Resources

The library homepage provides links to research tools, the online catalog, library information, and more. Research databases containing full-text articles from journals, newspapers and reference books provide academic support in all disciplines. These and other electronic resources may be accessed by Gateway students, faculty or staff on-campus via the library’s homepage or off campus 24/7 using your NetID and password. The college library website address is: http://www.gatewayct.edu/library

Information Literacy

Information literacy is defined as the set of skills needed to find, retrieve, analyze, and use information. Library staff members provide information literacy instruction in every academic discipline. Specialized introductions to specific resources and/or searching techniques for individuals, small groups, or classes may be arranged. Faculty can access library instruction appointment forms under “Request Instruction Class.” 

Borrowing Privileges

Borrowing privileges are granted to full and part-time faculty and staff, alumni, and all students currently enrolled. Public borrowing privileges are granted on request, with certain restrictions. Your Gateway Community College identification (I.D.) also serves as your library card. The normal circulation period for books is four weeks for students and three months for faculty and staff. Renewals can be arranged in person, by phone, or online. If a borrower does not return items on time he/she will be billed for the cost of replacement plus a processing fee. If a student fails to comply, this may result in a loss of borrowing privileges, withholding of diploma, denial of transcript requests to other institutions, and refusal of re-registration.

Service Desk

The Service Desk on the main floor is a central point for many library services, including:

  • Self-check-out and Return of all Materials
  • Reference and Research Help
  • Computer Help
  • Reserve Materials
  • Interlibrary Loan Services
  • Request for Information Literacy Instruction class

Staff will be happy to assist all users with information needs. Questions can be submitted in-person, by phone, email, text, or instant messaging. Come in and browse!