Jan 17, 2020  
2018-2019 GCC Catalog 
2018-2019 GCC Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Technology: Technology Studies, AS

Connecticut College of Technology  

The Connecticut College of Technology (COT) pathway programs allow community college students to an integrated curriculum at Connecticut’s public and private colleges and universities, allowing individuals to begin their studies at Gateway Community College and progress directly into a bachelor’s degree program at a 4-year university. The curriculum consists of two distinct pathways: engineering and technology. For more information, please contact the Program Coordinator Susan Spencer at 203.285.2452 or email SSpencer@gatewayct.edu, Office #S401E.

COT Technology Studies Program Outcomes

  • Apply mathematical, scientific, and technological priniples and concepts to identify and formulate solutions to technical problems
  • Apply critica-thinking and problem-solving skills to solve technical problems
  • Demonstrate the ability the function on teams
  • Recognize the need to engage in life-long learning.

The student may transfer to the following institutions:

  • School of Technology at Central Connecticut State University
  • Charter Oak State College

Suggested Course Sequence

Total Semester Credits: 17

Total Semester Credits: 16

Total Semester Credits: 17

Fourth Semester

Total Semester Credits: 16

Total Program Credits: 66

Restricted Electives:

For more information, contact Susan Spencer, Program Coordinator at (203) 285-2452 or e-mail sspencer@gatewayct.edu.